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CTI’s abstract management system encourages participation by saving time for submitters, reviewers, and staff.

Abstract Upload and Status Screen for Submitters

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  • A

    Abstract submission steps are tracked but do not have to be completed in order.
  • B

    A unique control number for each abstract submission prevents use in more than one session or meeting.
  • C

    Data validation corrects title case and won't permit upload unless abstract submission meets requirements for character count, tables, etc.
  • D

    Submitters can cut and paste text and tables or upload from files in their computers.
Abstract Management Cti

Submission management software—cOASIS & cPAPER—that increases the volume and quality of all abstracts and proposals submitted.

Single Sign-On

CTI's best in class abstract management systems integrate with member databases, so submitters don’t have to re-enter profile information or disclosures and can pay fees through their membership account.

Co-author Search

Submitters can use the same integration to bring up profile data and disclosures for their co-authors or search other databases if they are not members.

Disclosure Database

CTI can integrate with an existing database. CTI can also create a database to streamline disclosure for future events.

Fully Configured Forms

Ask submitters for only the information you need with forms tailored for each type of presenter (e.g. first-time presenter, invited speaker, poster).

Poster Submission

Submitters can use templates to enter data and then upload PowerPoint or PDF documents that will be converted to HTML5 for viewing on multiple platforms.

Staff Tip from Brent

Staff Tip from Brent

Use our Data Verification tools that can require sentence case format for titles and character limits for the abstract before submissions are uploaded.

Abstract Reviewer Portal with multiple scoring and reviewing options

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  • A

    Update on percent of assigned Abstract Reviews completed.
  • B

    Click to export Score Sheet to Excel and then import scores from spreadsheets.
  • C

    Click for instructions, to review abstracts online, or to check scoring to date.
  • D

    Offline options to view, print out or Quick Score.
  • E

    Histogram to ensure equitable scoring.
  • F

    Pulldown to score; checkbox, text field to comment.
Abstract Management Abstract Reviews C Oasis

cOASIS and cPAPER are the industry’s most trusted abstract peer review systems with the widest range of peer review management tools for abstract submissions.

Online Review

Reviewers step through each abstract one-by-one to read the full detail with supporting transmittal information.

Offline Review

Reviewers can print out submissions and then go back online to enter a Quick Score.

Excel Export

“Power” reviewers can export all the submissions into a spreadsheet, enter scores there and then upload the data back online.

Scoring Options

Can be basic or with multi-criteria scoring. A histogram chart tracker helps to assure that scores are distributed equitably.

Comment Options

Standard comments can appear in pull-downs or with check boxes. There can also be fields to opt-out because of conflicts or add free-form comments.

Feedback Options

Abstract reviews can be compiled and distributed to select groups including submitters.

Review Dashboards

Enables staff to set review windows and track reviewer progress.

Staff Tip from Gina

Staff Tip from Gina

Reviewers love pull-downs with detailed comment choices. We can give you a wide range of options that have worked for our other clients using our abstract peer review system.