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OASIS Data Integration Transforms Meeting Content Management

Announcing: A Complete Vision of OASIS Data Integration

Trapped data is never good data. Content that is an island risks a lot of inefficiency when attempting to be re-used across systems. Consider the following:

  • Content that is not accessible risks becoming duplicated
  • Member, author, co-author, and attendee record duplication means data analysis becomes harder to do
  • Lack of data analysis on your meeting & member data means you are not creating the best possible meeting education curriculum
  • Content that is not connected to a central source is slower to get updated with accurate information
  • Inaccurate content risks creating a more negative at-meeting experience

OASIS understands these problems, and has clear, best-practice solutions to combat the inefficiencies and headaches of trapped data. We offer:

  • Robust API and web-service based data accessibility
  • Configurable export and publishing capabilities to synchronize data with remote systems
  • Powerful data change logging capabilities that may be subscribed to, in order to remain aware of breaking changes
  • Integration with a plethora of mobile, offline, and remote devices and systems to ensure your most current meeting content is connected
  • Presentation management system near-realtime data updates for on-site signage and display efficiency


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